Monday, 30 April 2012

Da Fresh – Mind Funk'd

I'm not a big techno man, as you know… but it is nice to get some decent techno on TIWWD every so often and this is definitely decent techno.

Mind Funk'd comes from Freshin Records label boss Da Fresh, and there's just two of his own mixes to choose from. The Original Mix uses driving but quite house-y 4/4s as the basis for a nagging, off-beat bleeping synth hook, topped off with various other FX and sci-fi stabs for good measure, while on the Dub, things get even more sparse n' stripped, taking us to the fringes of 'minimal' territory but still with that head-frying synth in full effect.

A techno club groover that's got enough energy and enough unique charm to potentially win it friends outside of techno circles as well.

Out: Today

About: Freshin, a French label specialising mostly in techno and tech-house, can be found here, here and here (website, Facebook, Soundcloud)

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