Monday, 9 April 2012

So many tunes, so little time 11

Just a few from last week to catch up on, for once…

Deas & Lubica – Choya EP
Solid club-friendly chugging techno/tech-house here from Deas & Lubica, coming on Italy's Deeperfect.
More info/hear it

DJ EQ – Appleseed EP
More of Stardust Records' trademark big-room filter disco shenanigans, with no fewer than 10 tracks/mixes to choose from. Gotta love those chipmunk vox on Racer X!
More info/hear it

Eternal City feat Orlando Johnson – Come Back To Me
Soulful male vocals sit atop a variety of house beats here – some a WEE bit cheesy but check the Haldo and Gianni Sponti rubs. Also see the Philip G Original Mix, which is a kind of homage to Motown and northern soul.
More info/hear it

Timo Garcia – Air Raider
This is coming soon on Hotfingers but not sure when, I just had it direct from Timo. Chunky, driving house is the order of the day… with a big fuck-off rave-y airhorns breakdown in the middle.
More info

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