Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Robba - The Secret EP

Some nice chunky tech-house grooves here courtesy of Manchester Underground Music and Dutch producer Robba.

The Secret itself is the most upbeat and also the most technofied of the three tracks on offer, working busy, Latin-tinged percussion, a walking b-line and not one but three, thankfully not over-extended atmospheric breakdowns. It'll work on the floor I'm sure, but better to these ears is 1988, a more heads-down, chuggy affair with some seriously phat bottom end (and one that's not as retro as the title might suggest). And then finally Just Let Me brings the EP to a close, which is even more funkified, with some lush garage-style piano chords and female vocal snips bringing the musical warmth.

The latter, unsurprisingly, is the standout for me, but all told this a strong and varied EP from this ever-checkable Manc imprint.

Out: Today!

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