Saturday, 14 April 2012

Carl Taylor & Paul Hunter - Life EP

"Deep and soulful techno," is how they hype sheet pushes this one. "Somewhere between deep house and deep techno," was what I was gonna say, but I guess that amounts to much the same thing.

It's a three-tracker, opening with Life, a fairly fast-paced but not in-your-face cut with echoes of vintage Detroit in its soundset and structure, yet without coming on as a mere homage track. Up next is System, which has jacking beats but an overall blissed-out, sunrise kinda feel, while finally Bring It Back, presented here in Carl's Live Edit form, is a dark, driving Garnier-esque epic that gets a lil' crazy with the filters.

So back to the start… to me there's as much of a house as a techno influence to these three tracks, however it's being marketed. But if this is indeed just 'techno', well, I wish all techno was as darkly groovesome as this.

Out: This week

About: This comes on a label who've never featured on here before, Auterform Records. It's Donaster lad Carl's own label, and you can find out more at his website

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