Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Cesar Coronado – Crazy Position EP

Some classic-style deep house vibes here coming on Flumo Recordings, a label from Seville, Spain that recently relocated operations to the UK.

In total you get three mixes of the title track, plus bonus cut The Way I Feel I About You. In its original form, Crazy Position is a mid-paced chugger with tons of bottom end, soulfully-inclined vocal snips and some neat parping Gabriel-ish sax stabs. The Atapy Remix doesn't really change a huge amount except give the track a slighty more stop-start feel akin to nu-disco, but it's still good.

Ed Maddams' Soul Dub Mix takes us on a slower, more electronic, east London-sounding ride, though I can't help feeling that, by ditching most of the vocal, a lot of the track's soul has actually been lost. There's some nice vibes action on this rub, though! And then finally, The Way…  is a more jerky and jackin' cut aimed fair and square at the afterhours floors, that surprises by NOT sampling the Luther classic you might be assuming it does!

It's actually the latter that's probably my pick of the whole EP, with the Original of Crazy Position a close second, but all told, this is solid stuff from this rising Mexican producer.

Out: Today!

About: You can find Flumo Recordings at their website, on Facebook and on Soundcloud. Naturally.

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