Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Danny Quattro - Kalibu

Just the one for you tonight cos I've been busy disassembling and reassembling 1950s furniture – don't ask – and I'm knackered now. But not too knackered to quickly tell you about this down n' dirty house groover from the ever on-point Savoir Faire Musique.

Kalibu itself is… er, well, I just said what it's like! If sleazy, chunky b-lines and crisp tops sound like your way of spending six minutes and 53 seconds, you'll dig this for sure. On the B, Glasshouse is about 3/4 of a notch tuffer, with some big techy bass drops but also garage-y vocal cut-ups.

Very solid stuff as ever from Savoir Faire, then… now can I lie down?

Out: This week

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