Friday, 6 April 2012

Julius Papp & Lisa Shaw - Miracle

Okay, we seem to be on something of a roll with the girly vocal cuts today, so now seems a good time to tell you about this team-up between two heavyweights of the west coast deep/soulful house scene.

The main Sunset Vocal Mix of Miracle is a synth-throbbin', deep but not overly deep house cut that owes as much to Chicago as it does to San Francisco, sonically, while Ms Shaw's tonsils are in their usual fine form. It's accompanied by matching Instrumental and Dub passes, and then you also get two mixes from Smash Hunter, who serves up Disco Soul Vocal and Disco Soul Instrumental rubs that add classic-sounding tinky-tonk house pianos and some melancholic jazz sax warbles.

Overall, it's one for warm-ups and sunny afternoon sessions rather than peaktime thrills, but there's no doubting the quality on offer. If pushed, it's between the Sunset Dub and the Disco Soul Vocal mixes for me.

Out: This week

About: This comes on Julius Papp's own long-running NeoDisco imprint, and is a trailer for his soon-come artist album Music Is The Key.

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