Thursday, 12 April 2012

Ross Paterson - Back 2 House EP

Following on from the Cambis & Wenzel release yesterday, here come some more retrofied house frolics courtesy of Influential House.

It's a three-track affair. Feel The Music is a female-vocalled, disco-tinged number, God Gave Us Rhythm is an uplifting piano track with a neat line in parping sax to boot, and Lift ’Em Up is a full-on peaktime screamer that exhorts you to raise your hands up in the air… as if you needed telling. And all three of 'em have got that retro 90s sound down to a T.

Not the week's 'coolest' release, admittedly, but it's lots of fun all the same. Put a smile on my face during a somewhat stressful day at the day job, anyway.

Out: This week

About: Scottish-born Ross Paterson lives in Malta and – in a virtual sense – here, while you can find London-based Influential House on Facebook.

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