Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Nigel Hayes - Northern Lights EP

Four no-nonsense dancefloor cuts here courtesy of Nigel Hayes and UK label Intelligent Audio, spanning a range of styles.

Actually, I say a 'range' of styles but really it's more the proverbial game of two halves, with Elektricity and D-Tek both techy and heavily electronic while Raise The Bridge and Wallfield opt for a more organic, funk-fuelled approach. To be more precise, D-Tek is a chunky and now-sounding tech-houser, Elektricity has a retro Chicago-meets-Detroit sound, Raise The Bridge is drenched in soul with a lazy, hazy, Sunburst Band-y kinda feel while Wallfield brings the heavy funkin' slap bass. It's between Wallfield and D-Tek for the top honours for me but it's good stuff all round.

As is Intelligent Audio's wont, look out also for a soon-come 'Part 2' featuring more eclectic/downtempo flavas.

Out: This week

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