Saturday, 7 April 2012

Vivid - King Of Karma EP

Okay, so now here's one that I haven't got any connection with and that isn't late, either! To wit, the latest single from the currently very hot Deso Records.

In total you get three original tracks plus a remix of Aphrodisiac. King Of Karma itself is a nice chuggy deep houser with disco/funk tinges, half-buried snippets of (French?) female vocal and an overall uplifting kinda mood, while Dream A Little is all about the big, hip-shakin' b-line, tinkling lounge-y keys and warm, enveloping pads n' chords. And again with the vox en Francais.

Aphrodisiac then operates in tech-house's deepest, dubbiest pastures, with Latin guitars and spoken-or-should-that-be-whispered vox (from our Gallic ladyfriend once more) bringing the a touch of light midway, before a Leftminded Remix thereof pumps up the beats considerably, ditches the six-string and takes us into 4am heads-down territory.

All told, another strong offering from Deso, with Dream A Little or the Leftminded Remix of Aphrodisiac taking top TIWWD honours.

Out: This week

About: You can find Denmark's Deso Records at their website, on Soundcloud and on MySpace

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