Friday, 13 April 2012

Fideles - You Can Do EP

New from Martijn's Deep Edition comes a three-tracker from Italian duo Fideles that sees the label moving into slightly more straight-up clubby house territory than the very, very deep vibes they're normally best known for… but without going silly about it.

You Can Do itself is up first, a chunky, heads-down kinda house number with an old-skool feel to the synth sounds and garage-y "you can do it" vocal snips. Baki follows, a driving, drummy and sparse cut for the 4am floors with a vocal that puts me a little bit in mind of Notenshun's Soul Music.

But the standout for me is the last track, Fit With Us, which like the other two comes with the thumping kicks, this time accompanied by a seriously phat b-line and topped off with a looping female vocal sample that appears to be saying "I don't want to ever get married to nobody else"*.

You Can Do is good… Baki's good, too. But, credible enough for the heads, pumping enough for the masses, Fit With Us is the BOMB.

Out: This week

About: Deep Edition Recordings are based in Newcastle and you can keep up with all their goings-on via their website, Facebook and Soundcloud.

*(then again, this is coming from a man who used to think Bonnie Tyler had a song about a hard egg, though in my defence I was only 6 at the time).

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