Friday, 13 April 2012

Dexter Duplong - Steel Town Blues EP

This is number 60 from 3am Recordings, and doing the honours is one Dexter Duplong, who hails from sunny Newcastle (our second northeast connection of the night, but purely by coincidence).

Two tracks in a total of four mixes are what you get, kicking off with Jasmine's Groove, a pretty decent slab of nu-disco drawing heavily on vintage 80s electrofunk for inspiration. It's cool, but even better is the 3am Deep Dub from label boss Al Bradley, who quite interestingly fuses the retro vibes with a little chunky, contemporary tech-house flava.

On the flip, Baker Street boys Paul Hardy and McKai pull off a similar trick with Steel Down Dancer, but it's the original of this for me… cos it's on the original that as phat and funky-arsed a slap bassline as you'll hear all year really gets to stand out, alongside a hip-house style rap vocal.

With a mixture of house, tech-house, nu-disco and boogie grooves, then, this is a very strong EP that should find favour with a lot of DJs.

Out: This week

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