Saturday, 14 April 2012

Alexander Robotnick - Robotnick's Archives Volume 5

The stream of material from this veteran Italian producer's DAT vaults isn't showing any signs of drying up just yet - here's the latest installment, with a whopping five tracks to choose from.

Whizzing through 'em quite quickly, then… Infinite Solitude is an analogue-drenched Italo-disco offering, made in 2001 but infused with the spirit of 1981. Similarly, It Was Like A Dream was made in 2008 but harks back to the electro/proto-techno of the early 80s, while Can You Hear Me? is a decent slab of bubblin', bouncy, happy electro-disco-techno in both its Things Happen and Robot Scientists mixes, though the Things Happen rub edges it, I think.

But the standout of the EP for me is Funky Shonky – made in 1996, remade in 2012, this midtempo groover is all about the ass-shakin' bottom end and a disco vocal sample that's used in both dry and vocodered forms, making for a track it's not hard not to smile to.

Out: This week

About: This of course comes on Robotnick's own Hot Elephant.

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