Saturday, 7 April 2012

Paskal & Urban Absolutes – Our Smile In Your Face EP

You want your deep house with a little bit of soul, you say? Then this offering from German duo Paskal & Urban Absolutes (or Alexander Kastner and Adrian Hoffman to their friends) should suit you down to the ground.

"Gorgeous slo-mo house" is how the press release touts this one and yeah, you won't find me arguing with them. The title track is a lazy, almost downtempo number with a fat bassline, female vocal stabs and synths that stray dangerously close to "trancey" at one point but get away with it… you can see fans of that whole Scandolearic nu/post-disco sound digging this. A Henry L Remix of the same is more dancefloor-inclined, adding male vocal stabs this time along with handclaps and a very different but equally phat b-line, while finally 31 Degrees is an afterhours/post-club affair with more of those handclaps and soulful male vocal snips, and some swung snares adding to the overall (deep NJ) garage-y feel.

Quality stuff, basically.

Out: This week

About: This comes to you courtesy of a new label, Visky Recordings, who are based in Prague. They can be found on Facebook and Soundcloud and, on this evidence, let's hope we hear more from them soon!

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