Saturday, 14 April 2012

Oscar Barila - The Last Goodbye

Coming from rising Spanish producer Oscar Barila, this is an interesting release from Nite Grooves because, to these ears at least, it kind of bridges the gap between the label's traditional soulful house and the more contemporary/techy/European sounds they've been experimenting with recently.

So if you were imagining now-sounding, techy house beats (as opposed to tech-house beats, if you see what I mean), topped off with a soulfully-inclined, semi-spoken male vocal, then yeah, that's about the size of The Last Goodbye, with hand percussion fills adding to the overall 'Ibiza sundown' feel.

It's accompanied by a Maiki Remix which uses less of the vocal, and adds some urgency to the drums, a fat Chicago-esque bassline and dreamaway synth washes, making this one aimed more at the late, late floors, while bonus cut Vivre Sa Vie rounds out the EP, a more traditionally sumptuous n' soulful affair with, unusually, a sampled, spoken male vocal in French.

As I said before, an interesting EP that should have appeal for today's club kids and long-term King Street/Nite Grooves fans alike.

Out: This week on Traxsource, everywhere else from April 23.

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