Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Ben Muetsch - Day One EP

Coming on fledgling US label Dance Through Life – this is only their seventh release – is this four-track EP of house vibes from Ben Muetsch, a 25-year-old DJ, producer and multi-instrumentalist from Stuttgart, Germany.

Day One itself is a percussive instrumental groover that takes its influences equally from classic NYC-style house and the techier, contemporary sound of east London and Berlin. Funky Drummer is another drum-led affair but, you guessed it, a tad funkier, while Moods is a more sweeping, cinematic kinda cut. There's also a fourth track called Love Rhythm but I can't tell you what that one's like cos it wouldn't download!

With the emphasis firmly on the rhythms, these'll make useful DJ tools for sure…

Out: This week

About: Here's the usual links for Dance Through Life – website Facebook Soundcloud – though the website doesn't seem to want to play as of right this second. For me, anyway.

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