Thursday, 12 April 2012

Jeremy Breen - Holic Down

There's no stopping Scott Harrington's Savoir Faire Musique at the moment… the man himself recently told me "had FAR too much good music pinged my way so had to sign it!". Which is encouraging, isn't it?

This particular piece of good music comes from an Argentinian professional pianist by the not particularly Argentinian-sounding name of Jeremy Breen. In its original form, Holic Down is an uplifting, floaty, dreamy kind of sunrise deep houser with chorused, high-pitched female "Closer… closer… closer" vox. Niceness does, indeed, abound. A deeper refix from Howard Sessions & Al Bradley then drops most of the vox and beefs up the bottom end for the 4am floors, while finally we get a fairly self-explanatory (ie, it sounds all sub-aquatic and is dripping in 303 throb n' squelch) Whales On Acid Remix from Essex boy Lee 'Pretty Criminals' Daines.

All three are of the high quality you'd expect both from SFM and from the heavy-hitting remixers involved, making it hard to pick a favourite, though if pushed really hard and threatened with being beaten around the head with a rolled-up copy of Take A Break magazine, I'd probably have to plump for Lee's uber-deep late-night groover.

Out: This week

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