Monday, 30 April 2012

Arkay, Barker & Deepmilo – Roll Again

The Kent boys serve up a slice of struttin' dancefloor deep house for Unrivaled Music.

There's just the two mixes to choose from. The Original marries tuffs snares reminiscent of Green Velvet's Flash to a jaunty, jazzy piano line and chopped-up, shouty/attitude-y fem vox, making for an infectious groover that'd be perfect for warm-up play cos it's almost physically impossible not to start shaking ya rump to it! On the B, Slavik K gives the track something of a disco injection, toning down the militant snares a notch in the process.

Good solid stuff that'll move dancefloors without a doubt.

Out: Today

About: This comes on Unrivaled Music, part as you know of the Endemic Digital family.

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