Sunday, 22 April 2012

Carlo - From X To You

Is it just me or have we not had anything from Elevation Recordings for a while? Anyway no matter, because the latest from the Cork, Eire-based label is right here.

If Elevation had a speciality – and it's hard to say because they've put out various styles over the years – it'd probably be deep house with a heads-down, proggy feel, in which case the Original version of From X To You itself fits the blueprint perfectly, with "I don't care" female vox and warm, reverbed synth chords looping throughout. A remix from Baldo doesn't really do very much different at all, except use a little less of the vocal and perhaps let the midrange shine through a little more… maybe its subleties are lost on me, I don't know! On the B, Somewhere In The Dark has a similarly moody, proggy feel, this time with male half-spoken/half-sung vocal snips and a nice big chunky b-line. Chesperito's 909 Remix then takes us into slightly techier territory.

I'll be honest*: for me, this isn't of the gobsmacking standout mindblowing calibre that Elevation are often capable of. But it's solid enough stuff all the same, and more prog-leaning jocks in search of reliable warm-up/early set material, in particular, would be advised to check it. Plus there's that b-line on Somewhere In The Dark, which does bring the funk quite nicely…

Out: This week

About: Elevation can be found on Facebook and Soundcloud.

*I don't see much point in being anything else: if I didn't call 'em the way I hear 'em, if I just said everything was 'amazing', there'd be little point in you reading this blog. Besides, I'm Aries and from Yorkshire, so it's not like I've got a lot of choice!

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