Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Tim Nice – Fly By

A decent midtempo house chugger from Mr Nice here, coming on Tall House Underground, the label that he co-owns with Paul Parsons.

The Original of Fly By features a spoken male vocal praising "house music… the hippest, coolest underground music in the world", plus some "ooh-ooh-ooh house music!" female wails just to drive the point home. A Paul Parsons Remix opts for jauntier, Ibiza-friendly percussion, while the Tom Laws Remix goes down a tougher, heads-down kinda route; both of these rubs instil a little big room drama too, in the form of drop-outs and breakdowns to maximise dancefloor impact.

But it's the sparse, techier remix by Kimeko I keep coming back to. Partly because it's more in keeping with the 'less is more' philosophy that's where my own musical head's at right now… and partly cos it drops the "house music" vocal almost entirely, instead looping up what may or may not be a tiny snippet of the vocal from Deee-Lite's What Is Love. I've been playing the two side-by-side and I'm still not certain… answers on a postcard please!

Out: This week

About: Tall House Underground is part of the Tall House Digital family, who can be found online here, here and here (website/Facebook/Soundcloud).

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