Saturday, 7 April 2012

Rick Leonard - Smooth Move EP

The first of two reviews tonight that, in the interests of transparency, I should admit a vague connection to, because 'Rick Leonard' is in fact Richard Carrick, formerly a member of the iDJ reviews team. But, y'know… this is very good as well, it's not just here cos I know the guy!

On his Soundcloud page, Rich says his musical heroes are the likes of Salt City Orchestra, Jimpster, Charles Webster and The Timewriter, which gives you an idea of the kind of distinctly UK-flavoured, dancefloor-friendly deep house to expect from the two tracks and four mixes on this EP. The tracks in question are Smooth Move and Node To Self, with remix duties taken care of by Moshun and Marcman respectively.

It's all good, as they say, but if pushed I'd go for the space-y, late-night vibes of the Original Mix of Node To Self as the standout. Anyway, you can HEAR IT for yourself cos there's a buy link at the bottom of this review...

Out: Now

About: To hear this and purchase/download, you'll be wanting to head over to Beatport. Oh yeah, and it's brought to you by 6th Sense Music, a label I must admit I hadn't come across before but judging from their website their hearts seem to be in the right place

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