Saturday, 14 April 2012

Diego Metzer - Especies EP

Sticking with the techno vibes for a moment, here's some deep n' dubby thrills from Sounds Of Juan and Diego Metzer, neither of whom are any strangers to this blog*.

This time around, Diego serves up two moody and atmospheric afterhours cuts. Especies itself starts out being all about the big, throbbing, echo-y bass, but builds slowly over its ten minutes into a tribal-tinged dancefloor workout. On the B, Profunos Pensamientos is another muscular, bass-heavy throbber, this time topped off with rainforest sounds and muffled chants.

This is a little outside TIWWD's usual comfort zone, admittedly… I'm not sure, for instance, how I'd program it into one of my own DJ sets. But it's classy stuff nonetheless.

Out: This week

About: Sounds Of Juan is, as you must surely know by now, part of the Endemic Digital empire.

* You do know you can click the tags ('labels') below to see previous reviews, don't you? Oh, you do. Good.

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