Thursday, 26 April 2012

Anturage & Andrey Potyomkin – Starlight

LA-based, Russian-run label Incepto Music, normally known for their uplifting progressive house sound, have been venturing into deeper waters of late, thanks to the launch of new sub-label Incepto Deep. And do you know what? On the evidence I've heard so far, they're really rather good at it…

The A-side here, Starlight, is a straight-up deep house throbber, with perhaps just the tiniest hints of prog in its use of reverberating synths, but also with an almost garage-y feel to the floaty, echo-y female 'woohs'. Think sunny summer sessions, warm-up sets or post-club chillage: wherever you play it, this is sumptuous music you can lose yourself in. Me like.

On the B, the instrumental The Forgotten is a little more obviously dancefloor-oriented with its reasonably tough 4/4 kick, but again the overall vibe is drifty n' dreamy, with a rich and satisfying bottom end to keep your ass moving while your eyes close and your mind ventures off elsewhere.

Very classy stuff indeed, in both cases.

Out: This week

About: Incepto Deep doesn't seem to have much a web presence of its own as yet, but here's the Soundcloud and Facebook pages for the mothership label.

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