Friday, 6 April 2012

Evren Furtuna - Circles

The prolific Spring Tube serve up a slab of blissed-out, prog-tinged Balearica here.

With gently bubbling synth sounds, an understated b-line and dreamy, waiflike fem vox, Circles doesn't, admittedly, do anything we haven't really heard before. But what it does do, it does very well – stick this on your iPod after a stressful day at work and feel your worries just slip away. Remixes come from Blood Groove & Kikis, who up the tempo slightly and add some pleasing brass stabs, and Sezer Uysal (AKA Spennu), who takes us on a deeper ride.

The latter's rub is my pick, I think, but it's a close thing and this is just lovely, soul-soothing stuff whichever mix you pick. Shut your eyes and float away.

Out: This week

About: Spring Tube is based in the US but the brainchild of a pair of Russian/Latvian producers, and they must be the most polite record label in the world, sending a 'thank you' review every time you submit feedback on one of their promos! Which is nice. Anyway, here's their website (where there's a ton of podcasts you can download) and Facebook

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