Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Seva K - My Love EP

Internet connection problems continue… but right now we're good, so let's crack on while we can.

Seva K is a Russian producer you might know from his excursions on Urban Torque, and here he serves up four cuts of what the press release quite rightly calls "disco-infused deepness". Quite rightly, in that it's hard to know whether you'd file the grooves contained herein as 'deep house' or 'nu-disco'… really they sit right on the cusp, but maybe it's better to ditch the labels altogether and just say, this really is very good stuff.

Falling is a melodic affair, pleasant enough but not exceptional in its Original form; better though is the Roberto Rodriguez Remix, which adds a big Chi-town bassline to make it something of a retro-fied treat. Even better, though, is My Love itself, which works the familiar Loleatta Holloway sample (from Do That To Me) over a slow n' sleazy disco groove on the Original, and over more housified beats on the Downtown Party Network rub; both mixes also feature another rather large b-line that's got more than a touch of the Ma Foom Bey's about it.

Like I said, this really is very good.

Out: This week

About: This comes on fledgling Dubai-based label Audio Tonic. It's only their seventh release, not counting a Miami sampler, though the label's grown out of a very successful club night and radio show by all accounts so they're not completely wet behind the ears. Here's their website.

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