Sunday, 8 April 2012

Oliver Knight & Hugo Jones - Great Stuff Grooves Vol 2

Great Stuff's series of Great Stuff Grooves EPs continues, each EP showcasing the talents of a particular artist or artists associated with the Munich-based label.

This time out, it's the turn of Oliver Knight and Hugo Jones to step up to the plate, and they deliver a three-track EP of tough, driving tech-house aimed fair and square at peaktime dancefloors. And it's all very solid stuff… if there's a criticism, it's that Deja Vu and Terrorkawa do sound rather similar, riding a nearly identical beat. But both are strong dancefloor tracks in their own right, and Knight's solo effort Hour Glass does flip the script somewhat, working a more shuffle-y rhythm and being somewhat 'busier' overall.

But generally speaking, yeah – solid, chugging tech-house grooves are the order of the day here, and that's exactly what we count on from Great Stuff… oder?

Out: This week

About: Knight and Jones, you may recall, recently also appeared on GU Music with Navajo. For more information on all things Great Stuff, meanwhile, you need to head here.

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