Saturday, 28 April 2012

Marc Cotterell – Untitled Tracks Vol 1

More traditional-style deep house vibes here courtesy of New Zealand's UM Records.

Untitled Track One kicks off the EP, a luxuriant, unhurried groove that's all pads, Rhodes chords, crisp hi-hats and chopped-up female vocal snips, an afterhours/post-club gem, while Untitled Track Two is more upbeat and floor-oriented, with a meandering jazzy sax taking centre stage. Brian Ffar then provides a remix of Untitled Track One that slowly builds from a moody, cinematic intro into a delicate, eyes-closed techy shuffle before finally The Messenger's refix of Untitled Track Two tones down the sax in favour of jerky, garage-y beats and tiny snippets of male vocal.

Again: quality bizniss all round.

Out: This week

About: UM Records is the label run by the same peeps responsible for Facebook's excellent Deep House Page. Find 'em on Soundcloud and, of course, on Facebook in their own right.

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