Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Cambis & Wenzel – Do Your Thing

Kosmo Records might hail from Germany, and I'm guessing Cambis & Wenzel most likely do too… but vocalist Ma'Deeva is from NYC and this has 'Big Apple' written all over it.

In fact, if I cast my mind back to dancing to Junior at The Tunnel in 95, this would have fitted in perfectly, what with its struttin', attitude-y (but positively-messaged) diva vox, tribal beats and bags of dark room peaktime drama. The deep, dark n' dirty Original does it best for me, the Club Mix (in a similar vein but a tad busier) is also fine… the dirty Dutch-style touches to the Aint & Fish Remix aren't my thing so much but that mix will have its fans also, for sure.

So yeah: driving big room house the way we used to. Hard to find fault with that, really, at least for an oldie like me!

Out: This week

About: I don't think I've reviewed (been sent?) a Kosmo Records release before, despite this being number 30 from them apparently… anyway here's their website so we can all find out more!

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