Saturday, 30 June 2012

Loz Goddard – Mimic

Loz Goddard Mimic 5 And Dime
I wish 5 And Dime would hurry up and release a rubbish record… cos it gets a bit embarrassing when you're singing the praises of a label's every single release. But here they've let me down on that front yet AGAIN, serving up yet another EP packed full of sumptuous deep house goodness, damn them.

This time around, the man at the controls is Manchester's Loz Goddard, who serves up two original tracks that come with remixes from Omar Fayyad (x2) and Quin. And yeah, 'sumptuous deep house goodness' pretty much covers all of 'em but if pushed, then Quin's rub of Move Back and Fayyad's of Mimic itself share top honours for me.

Class in a glass. Now then, lads… how about getting some gnarly electro-step in for the next one so yours truly can have a night off?

Out: This week

About: Denver-based purveyors of all things deep n' luxuriant 5 And Dime can be found at their website, on Facebook and on Soundcloud

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