Saturday, 16 June 2012

Jesus Soblechero – Followers EP

Jesus Soblechero Followers
And from one Jesus to another! But while Jesus Pablo is an old friend of this blog and hails from Liverpool, Jesus Soblechero is a new name to me, about whom all I can tell you is that he's described on the hype sheet as a "Spanish funk master". Which has to be the coolest job description I've read all week.

There are four tracks on the EP in total: three mixes of the title track plus bonus cut Sangha. In its Original form, Followers itself is a tuff-ish deep/tech houser based around rattling snares/hi-hats, weird chopped-up vocal snips and an equally weird (possibly reversed?) pulsing synth line. A remix from Darkrow ups the tempo, largely drops the synth and makes a little more of vocal, while the Fernando Mesa rub is similar but more energetic again, veering towards Great Stuff-esque tech-house. And then finally Sangha is another percussion-led deep/tech affair, but with a slightly more organic, soulful feel.

All told, these are stripped-down, jackin' cuts made for moving underground 4am dancefloors. And we like that sort of thing round here, don't we?

Out: This week

About: This comes on Soblechero's own ThreeSoul Records, who (obviously) are also new to me. But thanks to the power of Google, here's their MySpace, Facebook and Soundcloud.

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