Saturday, 30 June 2012

Georgeous – Weak Ties EP

Depaart Weak Ties Georgeous
The very first release from a brand new label here! Depaart are based in Madrid, and their debut offering comes from Georgeous, who the press release assures us has been “developing himself as a key artist in the Spanish electronic music scene”.

There's just the two tracks. Weak Ties itself starts with found sounds (rain falling, kiddies playing), before slowly building into a sonically rich deep house groove with a familiar-sounding soulful male vocal threaded lightly through it. It's one more for the sofa than the dancefloor, maybe, but you can't fault the production. Mungo, meanwhile, starts out deep as you like, all muted kicks, throbbing bass and atmospherics that go on forever… but then it slowly, inexorably builds in that Garnier kinda way, until a mournful, parping sax comes in halfway through.

I think it's actually Mungo that does it better for me. One for the start, or end, of those longer sets methinks.

Out: This week

About: This comes on… oh, I told you that. Well then, here's where to find Depaart online: website Facebook Soundcloud

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