Saturday, 2 June 2012

Various - Time Dilation

We head into techno pastures now, with four tracks of deep Detroit bizniss from Soiree International.

Drivetrain are up first with This Toxic Tempest. This is a deep, squelchy acid-fried affair, topped off with poetic spoken vocals from Goddess Stephanie, and something of a small-hours, head-gone-astray delight. Cloudmaster Weed's LoVe is a housier number with raw fem vox reminiscent of classic Serious Grooves material, including a "you know how to love me" sample that isn't the Phyllis Hyman one you might be thinking of. Answers on a postcard comment, please!

Fireside Warm-Up from J Garcia is a more floor-oriented cut with tribal beats, biting clipped hi-hats, claps and, emerging out of the percussive onslaught, some gorgeous lingering pads topped off with sampled crowd/party noise. And then finally Subliminal by In2itive, AKA Jay Ramsey and Jennifer Xerri, is a luvverly late-night affair, pairing the sparsest and rawest of Motor City rhythms with long, lingering chords and chopped, echoing vocal snips.

A treat for the proverbial "headz" for sure… niceness abounds.

Out: This week

About: Soiree International is Derrick Thompson's long-running label, now in it's 23rd year and still goin' strong. Visit their website, whydon'tcha?

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