Saturday, 23 June 2012

Oz Romita – We Always Getting High

Oz Romita We Always Getting High Yellowjax
Some tough n' chuggy deep/tech grooves here from Yellowjax Recordings outta NYC.

There's three mixes of We Always Getting High, and while the above description more or less sums them all up, they do vary quite a lot. The original is quite a pumping, peaktime kinda houser, predicated around some very familiar vocal samples, a spoken German-sounding vocal informing us that "we do that dance all night/we always getting high", crisp beats and a seriously fat, buzzy bassline. The Roderick Fox Remix takes us into darker, techier territory and, truth be told, is a little TOO dark and techy for me, but no matter cos the standout for me here is the refix from label boss Lyle Quach.

In Quach's hands, We Always Getting High becomes a no-nonsense, heads-down chugger, with the vocal samples used more sparingly but with a solid rollicking groove throughout and some great subaquatic xylophone drops. Killer stuff that'll rock 3am floors but that's also suitable for home stoning… perfect.

 Out: This week

About: Yellowjax is, as I said, Lyle Quach's label. Find 'em on Soundcloud and on Facebook, or all their other online outlets are listed on their website.

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