Sunday, 24 June 2012

Andre Crom – Reality EP

Andre Crom Reality EP OFF Recordings
Insofar as there's any such thing as a "party anthem" in deep house, this latest EP from OFF Recordings houses not one but two of 'em. Er, possibly. Cos it's a funny thing with revisiting well-known vocals, innit? Get it wrong and you're branded a cheesemonger… get it right and you've got a "sure-fire party-starter" on your hands.

You'll have your own opinion, no doubt, of Crom's use of snippets from Soul II Soul on Reality itself, and from Raw Silk on Hypnotizing, but to these ears both work very well, putting this slab of (generally speaking) chunky, funky deep/tech vibes firmly in the party-starter camp and keeping us well clear of the cheeseboard.

Remixes come from Dusky and Homework, respectively. For me it's Crom's original of Hypnotizing that stands out overall, but you'll have your own opinions on that as well, I'm sure.

Out: This week

About: OFF Recordings is, of course, Crom's own label based in Berlin… here's their website, Facebook and Soundcloud pages.

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