Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Audio Units – Sample The Example

Audio Units Sample The Example
The digital DJ debate continues, as on this latest from Al Bradley's long-running 3am, an unnamed speaker vents his spleen at all the haters who diss fellow DJs for using Traktor, Serato etc… but gives those DJs who ARE using Traktor, Serato but AREN'T doing it properly something of a wake-up call as well. "As long as you can rock a party, that's what it's about," is pretty much the case put forward.

Now, I'm not getting bogged down in that whole argument here, for many reasons… perhaps we'll discuss it another time but right now all you need to know is, this track rocks.

For me, it's the Full Vox Mix that works best, for sheer tongue-in-cheek value if nowt else ("If you're a new DJ, learn your fucking history. That's why the older DJs are gettin' mad at y'all… y'all don't know shit!"). But there's no shortage of less vocal-centric remixes. James Silk's rub is his trademark high-quality, old skool-leaning deepness and the Ruben F Ghetto Mix takes us into techier territory with firing 909s to jack-jack-jack your body, while label boss Al Bradley's 3am Deep Dub is a spaced-out, head-mangled affair that shouldn't really take much explaining.

Like I said, all you need to know is this rocks – in whichever mix you go for. And if a track rocks a party, that's what it's about!

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