Saturday, 30 June 2012

Aki Bergen – Melancholy

Aki Bergen – Melancholy
Aki Bergen's Neurotraxx Deluxe might be one of the hippest labels around right now, but this latest offering from the man himself actually comes courtesy of the equally non-unhip Tokyo House Underground. There are three mixes to choose from, in what the hype sheet quite justifiably deems “a well-rounded collection”.

In its original form, Melancholy is a big room, dark-ish tech-houser with big, tribal-leaning drums, “too much” vocal snips and a druggy, warehouse-y vibe overall. As for the remixes, they both come from Masahiro Suzuki, who's also a Neurotraxx regular. His Sunnyday Service Mix is a more house-fied joint than Bergen's original, upping the fun factor with retro hands-in-the-air pianos and a jaunty walking bassline. His Navy Soltaire Remix [sic], meanwhile, is an unhurried yet still reasonably energetic groover, with a rolling, funk-fuelled b-line and garage-y female vocal overlays.

Sitting somewhere between traditional deep house and that more contemporary Berlin/East London sound, the latter mix is likely to find friends in both camps. It's also the rub that stands out most for me but it's a close thing… this is a strong package all round.

Out: This week

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