Saturday, 2 June 2012

Spinderman – Don't Stop The Beat/Shake It

 A simple two-tracker here from the very mysterious Leptento… who never include any information of any kind with their promos. In this instance though they did actually respond to my request for a release date*, so at least we can be certain this is, indeed, 'out this week'.

Shake It is an uptempo, party-oriented house/tech-house floorshaker, with a female voice repeating the title throughout and a neat line in 90s-sounding synths. Don't Stop The Beat is on a similar tip, with driving, insistent, slightly swung 4/4s, a male voice repeating the title this time and an oompah-loomping bass/synth riff that sits somewhere between electro-swing and a more retrofied, nu-energy/happy house kinda vibe.

There's nothing groundbreaking going on and it won't suit the chin-stroking brigade, but these are two solid, energetic cuts for less po-faced floors all the same.

Out: This week

About: I really can't tell you much about Lepento cos they don't tell ME anything… they don't even sign their emails, so I have no idea who it is I speak to there. Not sure what all the cloak n' dagger bizniss is about but anyway, here's their Soundcloud page.

*Which is more than some people do, but that's another story.

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