Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Dave Mayer ft Louis Hale – Sub Spectrum

A quick one to review, this, because there's just the one mix… but what a mix it is!

Coming on Seamless Soul courtesy of Dutch producer Hale, who's had stuff out before on the likes of Strictly, Large and Salted, Sub Spectrum is a track that could unite ravers/clubbers/DJs of a variety of persuasions, dripping as it is in the kind of sultry bump that's common to classic New Jersey gar-ahge, west coast/east midlands dancefloor deep house and the best UKG and future garage. With a skippy, swung beats and a full-phat b-line topped off with vocal snips and organ stabs, it's a right little rump-shaker and no mistake, guv'nor.

Like I said there's just the one mix, but if it ain't broke, as they say…

Out: This week

About: Seamless Soul are, of course, part of the freshly restructured Seamless empire, along with Seamless Trax and Seamless Deep. Find 'em at their website, on Facebook and on Soundcloud.

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