Saturday, 30 June 2012

JacyeeL – Back To Disco

JayceeL Back To Disco Artefact
Don't let the title fool you here. Just in case you were worried, this is a long way from the screechy, idiot-friendly side of disco-house. Back To Disco is certainly disco-influenced, naturally, but in the sense of taking influences from the mellower, more sumptuous end of the disco spectrum and subtly stretching them onto (in the case of the Original Mix) a deep house framework.

Freaky Funk's Freaked Remix is too brash for me, veering dangerously close to the kind of record I was happy to find this wasn't, but the Pavle Vasiljevic Go Deeper Remix will work well on bigger floors that like it stripped-down and techier, though the original still wins for me.

Elsewhere on the EP, The Sea Of Time sounds a little like Play-era Moby given a house makeover in that Buzzin' Fly/Leftroom/Freerange kinda vein, while What's It Gonna Be brings the EP to a close, a gentle, melodic groove with hand percussion, “ooh, ooh” vox and quite beefy, yet unobtrusive kicks.

Out: This week

About: This comes on Artefact Records, who are based in Macedonia and can be found here, here and here. Oh, and here as well!

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