Saturday, 30 June 2012

Deep Character & Mad Boss – My Hate, Your Love EP

Deep Character Mad Boss My Hate Your Love Nite Grooves
If you ever look at the TIWWD Facebook page, you might recall I said last week about getting a big bundle of top-quality promos through from King Street… well, here's the first of the tracks in question.

Deep Character & Mad Boss are an Italian production team – there seem to be about 27 of 'em unless I'm reading the credits wrong – and what's most interesting about this one, I think, is that it fuses that current European, techy house sound with the more traditional sounds you more readily associate with King Street. Or at least, it does on the Bollo Remix of My Hate, Your Love itself, which I'd go so far as to call almost Chandler-esque in places. Almost.

As for the original of the track – your guess is as good as mine, cos it's on the EP but not on the promo! Not really sure why they do that… but anyway, rounding out the EP is Modern Theory, which is more overtly techy but equally strong. In fact it's probably my favourite cut here, what with its “Shaolin shadow boxing” vocal samples, throbbing bassline and long, atmospheric synth rises. Very cool.

Out: This week

About: This actually carries the Nite Grooves stamp, not the King Street one, but no matter – you can find them both here. You can also expect to see that link a lot over the coming few weeks!

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