Sunday, 10 June 2012

So many tunes, so little time 18

And so another week goes by, and it's time for another round-up of more musical goodness we didn't quite get round to this week…

Greg Fenton Friends Electric EP
Greg Fenton – Friends Electric EP
A sterling three-tracker of forward-thinking sparse, electronic dancefloor grooves from Megacity 0161 native Greg, that you can file under deep house, techno, tech-house or minimal as you see fit! It's quality stuff however you want to classify it, and an impressively varied EP overall – though it might be a bit too "heads down and boys-y" for some.
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DJ Renat – Aye Aye Aye
An energetically chugging, party-oriented tech-houser that veers a little bit too close towards Ibiza-style prog-lite at times, but don't worry, the Anton Liss Dub should see you right. Comes on new-ish (est Aug 2011) Russian label Red Stars Records.
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Jay Lumen Rendez Vous Great Stuff
Jay Lumen – Rendez Vous EP
Jay Lumen on Great Stuff… you kinda know what you're gonna be gettting here, admittedly, but fans (and I'm one of them) won't be disappointed. Boomrush The Show hijacks a hip-hop vocal and puts it atop tuff, chuggin' tech-house beats, while Rendez Vous goes down a slightly deeper path; both are well worth checking. 
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Ivan Barbero & Juan Varez – Stick
More tough tech-house action here on Spanish label Akusah. There's a lot of this stuff about, admittedly, but this pair do it as well as anyone else! Bingo works lively finger-percussion, accordions and a big room, almost Vasquez-y feel while To Stick is more funktified, with a disco-house b-line and a peacock strut.
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Jesse Futerman Fuse The Witches EP
Jesse Futerman – Fuse The Witches EP
Seven tracks of lazy, dusty, jazzy lo-fi hip-hop and leftfield beats. Yes it's been done, but Futerman steers his ship between the rock of being too twee and "nice" and the hard place of being pointlessly twisted, malevolent and head-fucky better than most, making this something of a smoker's Sunday afternoon treat. The lad's only 20, as well, which bodes well for the future.
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PS Oh, and it's a free download as well, so rude not to really…

Taran + Lomov – Basta! 
Coming on Stripped Digital, the six mixes of this instrumental electronic groover take in various shades of deep, progressive and tech house. Jini Cowan and Paul Alexander's rubs stand out for me.
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House Of Ibiza 2012
Various – House Of Ibiza 2012
A seven-track EP from Street King built with one particular island in mind. Artists include Nacho Marco, John Rivera, From P60, Ivan Iacobucci and more, with the emphasis on sun-drenched house grooves and tuff, terrace-friendly drum trax. Mr Kavalicious's bumpin', west coast-y Deception stands out for me.
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Thanks also this week to: Cera Alba, Paskal Daze, The Bulletz, Soulrack, Yariv Bernstein, Andy Kneale, Da Fresh + Maverickz, Ignacy Rome, Javier Perez + David Bort, Johannes Regnier, John Lee + Damage Brigade, Kill Your TV, Lerio Corrado + Max Coseglia, Nigel Hayes, Ricardo Ferri, Sergio Marini + Luciano Manci and Vanyano. As ever, sorry if you didn't make it this time but see the title of this post!

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