Sunday, 24 June 2012

So many tunes, so little time 19

Okay, got a TON of stuff to talk about for this week's round-up so gonna have to hurtle through 'em pretty quickly!

Andrey Potomkin – Astrogation EP
More of Incepto Deep's trademark mellow grooves here – think the very deepest of progressive house, made for chilling on beaches or for sinking into sofas to when it's getting very, very late…
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Brainpain/Culprate – FU/Stompa
Right to the opposite end of the spectrum now… normally I'd say this slab of twisted, bass-warping dubstep was too gnarly and aggressive for me, but you can't help liking a record whose chorus is “Eff me? Eff you. Eff you, mother-effer” – as in that's exactly what he says. As for Stompa on the B, well, lacking FU's smile-factor that's just a bit too gnarly and aggressive for me…
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Noon + Oliver A – Incognito
Not really into the Underworld-ish vocal on the A here but check B-side Hope for some decent driving deep/tech action with a funkier twist.
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Owen Howells – You EP
Some solid tech-house grooves here from my man Owen H, coming on the ever-checkable Trendy Mullet and boasting a remix from no less a personage than Saytek. And owing a distinct debt to Kraftwerk in places, too…
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Trevor O'Neil – New Era
Another solid tech-house groover here from Mr Neil on Seamless Trax, complete with a tuffer, more percussive remix from Graham Sahara & Central Avenue.
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Various – Pornographic 50
Spain's Pornographic celebrates reaching its 50th release with a nine-track, nine-artist label sampler EP. Expect a mix of tuff, driving house and loopy techno, with carnival-esque rhythms much to the fore.
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Various – Unreleased Remixes EP
A three-track EP from Serotonin Digital, home to yet more tuff, driving tech-house. There's EVER such a lot of this stuff about but the Serotonin Thieves's mix of Angel Stoxx's Respect is worth checking for sure…
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Various – This Is Development
The Manchester club night and label has a 15-track compilation album out this week, and there's a four-track vinyl sampler about as well. So I'm a bit confused as to why they sent a six-track promo! Which is the main reason it didn't get a bigger review, because if deep house and deep techno with a soulful twist appeal there's plenty to enjoy here.
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Wally Lopez – Keep Running The Melody
Most of the mixes here are WAY too electro-y and dirty Dutch-ish. But check the Redondo Remix, which ditches the nasty grating synths and serves up instead a rather likeable rolling, piano-flecked tech-houe groove. You've still got that pop tart vocal to contend with, though…
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SITUATION feat. Herbatronic TRFTF 3000 – The Robot
One for the lovers of analogue synths and vintage Italo here, with a very silly vocodered “my boyfriend is a robot” vocal… there's even a Daniele Baldelli Remix. The more house-fied and Balearic-leaning Dom's Jazzy Rub is the one for me though.
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Various – Endemic Summer Sampler 2012
This would have gotten a bigger review but it's been something of a busy week and it's not like Endemic don't get plenty of love on TIWWD generally! Seven tracks from seven artists covering various shades of deep and tech house, with the bass thob of Chris Vega's So Preach and the cheeky disco stabs of A. Rodriguez's True Love among the highlights.
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DJ Chus + Boris feat Yana – Arriba!
Spain's past master of tough, tribal house comes to Great Stuff, Munich's past masters of tough, techy house grooves. The results are… pretty much what you'd expect really, but as finely crafted as you'd expect, too.
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dubspeeka – I Like That
Druggy, twisted and seriously jacking tech-house and techno ahoy… there are two mixes of the title track (Original and Pierre Deutschmann) but it's actually the somewhat deeper bonus cut Gumbo I'm feeling the most.
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THANKS ALSO THIS WEEK TO: Alessio Lavorini, Alexander East, Audionatica, Carl Jurgens, CJ RCM, Danarchism, Daniel Avery + Deadstock 33s, Deas + Lubica, Federico Grazzini, La Torre, Matthias Schaffhäuser, Mike Gillenwater, Mindgamers, Patonay, Pete McCarthey, Presslaboys, Quentin Hiatus, Rafael Cerato, Simon Firth and Flumo Recordings. As ever, bound to be some gems in there I've overlooked but there's only so much a boy can do…

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