Monday, 18 June 2012

DK Watts – Respect The Underground

DK Watts Respect The Underground Bounce House
About, ooh, five years ago or something, it was a track called Blow & Hos that first hammered it home to me just how special a house outfit Short Bus Kids really were. So after the cocaine-referencing track from Mr Pedros below, now seems like a good time to tell you about this new five-track EP from one-half of said Short Bus Kids, Mr DK Watts.

Respect The Underground itself is a stomping, techy affair with a walking b-line, big synths, tuff beats and the obligatory shouts out to NYC, Detroit and Chicago, The Mayor is more tuff n' techy stompiness, this time with Dirty Harry samples, while Dance Yeah! is a floaty, proggy kinda houser surely built with a certain Mediterranean island in mind. But the highlights here for me are Been A Lot Of Places and Gothic Girl.

I'm digging the former driving, big room cut – it's got almost an Lawler-esque kinda feel to it – mostly for its spoken vocal samples, which need to be listened to closely, I'll say no more than that. And I'm digging the latter simply for daring to sample The Greatest Band In History and getting away with it, based as it is around a bassline lifted lock, stock and two smoking sandalwood joss-sticks from The Sisters Of Mercy's Lucretia My Reflection.

All right so yes, I'm a sad old (ex-)goth. But it made me smile… and IMNERHO it's also one of the most effective bits of RAWK! purloinage since Tinman bit Cobain and co back in the day. So there.

Out: This week

About: This comes of course on Bounce House. Their website doesn't seem to work anymore but here's their Soundcloud and Facebook pages.

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