Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Stefano Noferini – Refusal EP

Stefano Noferini Refusal
A nice quick one to start with tonight, cos there's only the two tracks, in one mix apiece. Which makes a blogger's life easier!

Refusal itself is a perfectly acceptable but to frank also fairly unremarkable tech-house chugger… it'll keep 'em moving but that's about as much as I've got to say about it, really. Numa on the flip, though… that's a different matter.

It's not clever, but it certainly is big. BIG, in fact. If bouncy, house-y club techno with an oink-oink bassline and a nu-NRG/hardbag-style* three-note synth riff sounds like your idea of a good time on the dancefloor, then you're going to love this.

Sometimes you don't need to be clever, do you? Sometimes you just need to make people jump up and down. And with energy in spades, this'll do that for sure.

Out: This week

About: This comes on Umek's 1605 Music Therapy. Who've gotten quite good at this tech-house lark over the past couple of years, just in case you hadn't noticed… here's their website proper as well.

* Dare I say almost trance-y? Well yeah, I dare… I'd just rather not.

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