Monday, 4 June 2012

Thomas Lamachia – Days Of Wonder EP

Speaking of people we haven't featured on here for a while, here's the latest from Germany's Conya Digital! Long time long time…

The overall mood of the EP is deep house with techy/proggy overtones, but the three tracks do vary quite a bit.  Coming Back To Me is a lazy, meandering groove with a neat line in old-skool Balearic pianos, Days Of Wonder itself is an ever-so-slightly tuffer cut with a solid chunky bassline providing the backbone for its intricately layered synths and percussion sounds, while finally Munzstrasse looks to vintage Chi-town deep for inspiration, with a squelchy bassline that's like swimming in aural treacle. That's a compliment, by the way!

A nicely varied and very checkable EP, then, from this long-running label.

Out: Today on Beatport, everywhere else from 18 June

About: Round about now you'll be expecting links for Conya Digital, won't you? So here they are… Conya's own Facebook page and the website for their mothership label, Clubstar

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