Friday, 1 June 2012

Frankey & Sandrino – Comeback EP

A two-tracker here from fledgling Dubai label Audio Tonic that took me somewhat by surprise yesterday.

See, when I'm listening to stuff to review I always try and play the Original first… but when you just open things in iTunes sometimes it insists on doing things in a different order. So I put this on yesterday, and I have to say I was very impressed by its classy, somewhat Crazy P-ish deep house stylings. Then I realised I was actually listening to the Giom remix, and being something of a Giom fan I was thinking, okay well no surprises there then, Giom kills it yet again.

So then I flicked to the Original and found out I was wrong. Cos while Giom's mix is indeed a classy slab of deepness with its filtered fem vox and chugging riddim, the Original's even better! It starts out as a simple looping perscussive groove; then in comes a big, BIG organ riff that's got 92-95 written all over it. There's a full vocal on this mix, as opposed to the chopped-n-looped stabs of the Giom rub, beneath which the track slowly builds with proggy rolling synths until, by the end, it's kind of worked its way into big room territory before you even notice.

Put simply: it's a bit of a beast, and as such it's hard to imagine this not working on any floor that digs house music in any way, shape or form. So – contrary to expectations – our French friend will have to be content with the silver this time out! Though to be fair, you won't go wrong with either mix.

Out: This week

About: Audio Tonic are just 10 releases old and hail from sunny Dubai, where they've been running a successful club night of the same name for quite a few years now. If you dig this, check out their recent Miami sampler (which unfortunately didn't get reviewed on here cos I put it in the May rather than the March folder by mistake… d'oh)  for more quality house grooves, including tracks from Ian Pooley and Francois Dubois. More info at their website, or you can also find them on Facebook.

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