Thursday, 7 June 2012

Miguel Campbell & Matt Hughes – I Can Fly EP

Miguel Campbell & Matt Hughes I Can Fly
Some top-quality underground (nu) disco action here from this Leeds-based duo, on their own Outcross Records.

I Can Fly itself works a squelchy synth-disco bassline Daft Punk would kill for, chipmunk'd soul vox and the rawest of 4/4 kicks, all adding up to the most jackin' of disco trax you could ask for. Beats Can Fly is the self-explanatory accompanying rework, while rounding out the EP is Talking Box, which makes great use of the eponymous FX box and which for me is actually the highlight of the EP.

The boys cite "American disco and smooth Parisian house" as influences and on this evidence, those influences have served them nicely. This is a real treat.

Out: This

About: I'll hang my head in shame and admit I've not come across Outcross before, despite this being their 28th release. Time to do some digging… anyway here's their website Facebook and Soundcloud.

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