Monday, 11 June 2012

Various - 124 Recordings Vol 1 EP

124 Recordings
The very first, vinyl-only release from a brand new UK label here… always words to excite round these parts!

Butler & Murt's Norwood leads the charge, a retro-yet-contemporary slab of deep jackery complete with a male "house!" vocal. Hot For You from Coles Mezcla De Acido follows, which takes samples from the late Willie Ninja (who yours truly once kissed, in a desperate but thankfully successful bid to get into the MAW party in Miami… no tongues, though) and places them atop a throbbing deep acid squelchathon. And finally there's Toben's I'm Hot For You, which – yeah you guessed – samples the same Nervous classic, but this time for a slower, NJ garage-y cut with some nice old skool organs.

Proper underground bizniss and there's only 300 copies so get 'em while they're "hot", people!

Out: This week

About: The new label in question is called 124 Recordings, and you can find 'em on Facebook or on label main man Owain Bellis' Soundcloud page.

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