Friday, 22 June 2012

Awon & Bedmo Disco – B-Funk EP

Awon Bedmo Disco B-Funk
Okay, I have to admit a family connection here, cos Bedmo Disco are two former colleagues of mine from the iDJ days. But mates or not, I wouldn't review this if it wasn't actually a good record. I'd just mutter some excuse about being busy, or the dog eating my review copy, or something.

But it is good, so I don't have to. Just as well, cos they know damn well I don't have a dog.

Anyway, so what you get are two tracks apiece from the Bedmo boys and Awon, all four of which are lo-slung funkers influenced heavily by early 80s electro, electrofunk and proto-garage. And when I say 'heavily' I mean heavily! Awon's Good Lovin' comes on like a lost Levan dub of a Patrice Rushen nugget and is one highlight, but mention must also be made of Bedmo Disco's Illusion, which will be any sample-spotter's delight – listen carefully (or not so carefully in some cases) for cheeky bites from Ma Foom Bey, Weekend, Walking On Sunshine and other 80s classics*.

If there's a criticism here, it's that this doesn't really go much beyond pastiche. But that's me over-compensating by being harshly objective – you could, after all, say the same thing about a million retro Chi-town housers I've reviewed glowingly on here. That minor cavil notwithstanding, this is pretty much can't-fail stuff for your nu-disco floors.

Out: This week

About: This is number six from the Bedmo Disco stable, which is the boys' own label, obviously, and based right here in sunny Bristol. It's also the first that's actually all original productions, the rest having been boots and re-edits, so it's good to see 'em stepping things up a notch.

Oh yeah, and it's on strictly limited blue vinyl as well! Which is always nice.

PS: Incidentally, one of the very first records I ever owned was on blue vinyl… an HMV seven-inch from the 1950s for kids, with the multiplication tables 1-7 set to music. I've still got it, if you don't believe me. I also had a red vinyl 7-inch about the littlest fire engine, but sadly I trod on that one and broke it, aged about six. I should have listened to my Mum and tidied my room, shouldn't I?

* Including one stupidly well-known electro anthem whose name, frustratingly, has been avoiding me all day. Though on the plus side this did mean I at least got to spend a pleasant hour or two rinsing the likes on Whodini and Strafe on YouTube while at the day job this morning.

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