Saturday, 10 November 2012

Zee & Elli – Release Yourself EP

Zee & Elli Release Yourself EP Zii Zii Records
Only the third release here from new UK label ZiiZii Records, and the first to land on the TIWWD doormat.

The EP opens with Release Yourself, er, itself, a nu-boogie/slo-mo house groove. It's got one of those ubiquitous down-pitched vocals intoning "it makes no difference", but is most notable for its FAT bassline. Next up is my personal fave Reflections, a midtempo space-disco workout with some killer pyow! stabs. Need Ya Back is another deep house-meets-nu disco jam with a big diva vocal, while the EP ends with The Dub Rub, which doesn't have much to do with dub in any sense but is a perfectly acceptable nu-disco/slo-mo cut that sounds a bit like the Yellow Magic Orchestra playing Morel's Grooves while on downers.

But I wanted to end the review on a high note, so before you get to the latter there's also The Ghostly Track, which is my close-second pick after Reflections and which chugs along at a house-y tempo while making enough use of spooky Theremin-type noises to render the title entirely accurate!

Out: This week

About: You can find ZiiZii Records on Facebook and Soundcloud.

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